Tips and tricks to help you better tidy and organise your shoes and clothes

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So that's it. Spring is finally here! This newly arrived season, so eagerly awaited by some, is also a time of year traditionally associated with a big clean out, where we clean everything thoroughly from top to bottom, get rid of things we don't need, and – most importantly of all – sort through all our belongings, beginning with our shoes and clothes. This is definitely something of a challenge.

So to help you with this, here's a list of 10 tips and tricks that will make you want to reorganise your home and turn it into an even more wonderful place to be.

On your marks … get set … organise!



Create two piles and ask yourself three questions:

  • Is this an item I never wear any more?
  • Is it no longer in good condition?
  • Is it no longer in season?


A yes answer means there's no point in just leaving the item to gather dust! If the answers are no, put the item in the pile of clothes you like and want to keep.

Do the same with your underwear and get rid of any unmatched socks, any tights or stockings with holes in them, and any worn-out bras. What should you do with clothes you no longer want once you've finished sorting? You can donate them to charities, hold a jumble sale etc., sell them at a second-hand market or car-boot sale, or offer them for sale over the internet.

Here are some quick tips about what to do with any out-of-season clothes that you've put to one side:


  • Purchase some transparent plastic boxes (you can get these from Ikea) in which to store your summer clothes in winter and your winter clothes in summer, getting them back out again when the right time of year arrives. Put the boxes under your bed or on top of your wardrobe. This will enable you to easily see what items are stored in them.

  • Purchase some plastic vacuum storage bags, which will take up just a quarter of the space and provide protection from moths.

plastic vacuum storage bags







Once you are left with just the clothes you want to keep available, make sure you properly organise your storage space so that you don't again find yourself in the same state of untidiness and disorder a month down the line:

  • Put pullovers and cardigans in the highest compartment;
  • Trousers (folded in two or three, depending on the depth of your wardrobe) should also be placed high up as they can easily be identified when just their edges are visible;

T-shirts, on the other hand, need to be arranged in the centre of the wardrobe or in a lower compartment so that you can easily see what you have. If you are in the habit of keeping your T-shirts in drawers, consider arranging them vertically: fold them as you normally would but add an extra fold.

t-shirts fold










To help you store things even more efficiently, here's a short video that will teach you how to fold your T-shirts efficiently in just five seconds!

  • Dresses and shirts/blouses should be placed in the wardrobe's hanging compartment. Do be careful however:
    • Do not use metal hangers at all costs as these tend to deform clothes! Opt for wood or plastic ones instead;
    • Try to space them out as much as possible and have them all oriented the same way;
    • Arrange your clothes in order from smallest to largest so you have space to store things underneath (shoeboxes for example), and preferably arrange them by colour.
    • Do up the top buttons of shirts to prevent them becoming creased.
  • Shoes:
    • Still got the boxes your shoes came in? If yes, print out small photos to stick on them so you know which boxes contain which shoes.

shoes boxes

Not possible to take photos? Get a large marker pen and write the contents on each box;

No longer got your shoeboxes? It is possible to get large plastic under-bed boxes fitted with castors (go for transparent ones once again if possible). Failing this, there are also other practical storage solutions available that you can use to save floor space, such as this one for behind the door:

hanging shoes










You can also find bag versions of these. Another option is this practical under-the-bed solution: 

under bed shoes solution










Finally, and if you happen to be something of a DIY enthusiast, you could always make your own storage furniture or turn to your favourite shoe shops for inspiration: 

shoes DIY storage











Sorting out and organizing your possessions is a great thing to do. However, if you then fail to keep everything organized afterwards, all your efforts will have been in vain because you will end up having to do it all again from scratch. So here are a few little habits to adopt:

  • Arrange the clothes you plan to wear over the coming week in your wardrobe in advance, or at least try to have whatever you're going to wear the next day ready beforehand so you don't end up messing everything up when rushing around in the morning.

hanging clothes

  • Try to always put your things back in the same place
  • Store your clothes with moth repellent blocks, cedar wood balls, or cloves in a pot placed in between your garments.
  • And one final touch to end with: add a little sachet of lavender, some perfumed balls, or simply some perfumed soap to your wardrobe, placing these between your clothes in order to create a pleasant aroma!


Ideas to take away

  • Properly tidying and organising involves three stages: sort through your clothes, organise how and where you keep and store them, and maintain everything in a clean and tidy state.
  • Think differently! Whether it's your clothes or your shoes, rethink your approach to how and where you store and put your things (fold your T-shirts differently, store your shoes somewhere high, etc.). There are many little tricks you can use to save space! 



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