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Free Pickups

You don't have to go anywhere! We collect your boxes and other goods directly from your home in order to store them in one of our secure warehouses, free of charge!

Free boxes


Need to get your stuff back? Simply schedule an appointment via your computer or smartphone. We take care of bringing your items directly to your home.

Free boxes

Boxify boxes and wardrobes

Boxify boxes and wardrobes are free, saving you dozens of boxes! They are made from durable materials and can support up to 25 kilos.

Free boxes

Managing your business

Through our website and the Boxify application, it has never been easier for you to manage your business! It is thus possible for you to schedule your appointments, to manage your objects remotely or to keep an eye on your orders.

Free boxes


We don't just store your stuff, we take care of it! This is why we cover the entirety of your objects in the event of damage and this without any additional cost.

Free boxes

Safety and maintenance

We take care of your business as if it were our own! That is why we seal your boxes as soon as they arrive in our warehouses. Our installations are equipped with alarms and motion detectors. We guarantee you 24-hour security!

Free boxes

5 Star Service

Our goal is to provide you with a 5 star service and an ideal user experience! That's why the Boxify team is at your side 12 hours a day.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

What fits in a box ?

Boxify boxes are designed to high quality standards. Made of durable materials, they can support up to 25kg. A single box can hold 12 pairs of shoes, or 30 shirts and 10 sweaters.



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