5 tips for a successful move

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A move can be very stressful if it is not properly understood. Loss, breakage, forgetfulness... So we have compiled a list of 5 tips to help you manage your move without worries.


1. Avoid clutter

Once you plan to move, it is best to get rid of the excess so you move as lightly as possible. To do so, get rid of clothes you no longer wear, sell furniture you no longer like or even liquidate as much of your perishable products (food, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.).


2. Organize your boxes

Get some materials to organize yourself. Labels, markers, adhesive tape, are essential elements for the smooth running of your move. Pack your boxes so you know where each of your things is. A cardboard dedicated to your hats, another to your winter sweaters, etc..


moving box


3. Make lists

List, list, list! Making lists remains one of the most effective ways to organize. Make a list of the boxes you have made, the objects not to forget or things to do.


4. Clean up the mess

Clean your home from top to bottom, nothing better to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Don't ignore the nooks and crannies where one or two cases are often hidden. Under the bed, in the cupboards, behind the fridge... nothing should escape your feather duster!


cleaning moving


5. Take stock of the situation

Once your old home is empty, do not hesitate to take a tour of the owner. You can never be too careful!



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