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→ Why store?


Whether you are a lawyer, doctor or architect, you know that the archives you need to keep, take up a lot of space on your premises. Without these archives you could gain a few square meters or even a few rooms. The only problem is that like most professionals, you have a number of records that are yet to be kept for a few years.

In this case, a storage solution might be the most suitable for your situation. Storing your archives will allow you to save space in your offices and thus have a more organized space. This will help you optimize your offices and therefore reap many benefits as explained in our previsous blog.


→ Which archives to store?


You can easily store all the archives you don't need on a daily basis. Depending on your profession, you could preserve your files, client documents, original documents and any other document, whether they are precious or confidential. You can store these documents in storage areas specially designed to keep archives (this is what we have at Boxify).


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→ Why store with us?


Storing your archives with Boxify offers you many advantages. On the one hand, we offer you a differentiated offer thanks to our values ​​of security and confidentiality. Indeed, Boxify storage spaces are composed of alarms, access controls, cameras with motion detectors and are regulated with access granted only to our team.

Secondly, we participate in the preservation of your documents thanks to our storage conditions. At Boxify, archives benefit from a space specially adapted for document storage. To do this, no object is stored less than 10 cm from the ground, in addition we regularly check the temperature and humidity of the rooms, the rooms are also heated and ventilated.

Also, we know that as a professional you will need to add and remove archive boxes on a regular basis. This is why your storage plan automatically adapts to the volume your boxes occupy. This way you won't have to pay for empty space but only for the actual volume occupied.

Our team will take care of the transfer of your belongings and you will benefit from an online inventory (with a photo and description of the contents of your boxes) to facilitate the removal of each box.

If you use a solution like Boxify, we can deliver them to you as soon as you need them within 48 hours. Otherwise, we also offer you the option of destroying your documents if you no longer need to keep or store them.



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