Four DIY ideas to help you tidy and organise your jewellery

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Having a nice tidy and properly organised place in which to keep your jewellery will make a big difference to your life and save you wasting time looking for THAT necklace (the one tangled up with 20 other necklaces in your ordinary, everyday jewellery box).

Tired of having all your jewellery clumped together in boxes? Looking for nice, practical ways of storing your necklaces, bracelets, etc.? Here are 4 DIY ideas to help you store your jewellery more attractively and have it on display and easy to see!


1. The jewellery branch

This is very easy to make at home. Go for a walk outdoors, find a suitable-looking branch, and remove any overly long or rotten/damaged twigs from it. Next attach a string or cord at both ends and hammer some nails in so that you have somewhere to hang your favourite jewellery. And that's it! All that remains to do is hang your branch from a nail on your wall.  


2. The customised clothes hanger

Take a wooden clothes hanger from your wardrobe and attach some little screw eyes or screw hooks to it. This is very simple to make at home. You can also paint it colourfully or customise it to suit your tastes.


3. The customised picture frame for earrings

This is a nice way store and arrange your earrings. Take a simple picture frame, remove the back cover, and hang some strips of lace across the rear.


4. Jewellery display stand

Dream of having a display stand like the ones your favourite jewellers use? Here's an ingenious idea to enable you to easily achieve this at home.  

  • Take an empty kitchen roll tube. Apply some glue to it. Wrap a piece of fabric around it, and make a hole in the middle where a support can be inserted.

  • Use an empty toilet role tube as the support. Slot it into the hole vertically.

  • To make the base, simply find a few old CDs, glue them together, and cover them in fabric or paint them.

  • Next, glue the base to the rest of the stand … and there you have it: somewhere to keep you bracelets. 

Ideas to take away

  • There's no need to spend a fortune if you're looking for ingenious ways to store and organise your jewellery!

  • Look around you: a clothes hanger, a toilet roll tube, a picture frame or a tree branch can all be turned into wonderful display stands for your jewellery.



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