Ten convenient, practical ideas to help you better organise your kitchen

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An end to chaos in the kitchen! Before getting started, here are four steps to take before you begin organising your kitchen (they are also applicable to all other rooms in the house). Following these four steps will enable you to create an organised kitchen that is pleasant to be in and use.

  1. Always begin by completely emptying the room you want to organise so that you can assess the usefulness of every item and the amount of space it takes up.

  2. Next clean the room and reassess the space you have available in it (and not the space you thought you had ;) ).

  3. Ensure you put the items you use often within easy reach and close to where you tend to use them.

  4. Get rid of any boxes, items and old utensils you no longer use.

Once you've completed these initial steps, it's time to then organise the space in your kitchen. Here are a few nice ideas to inspire you:


1. Save space by emptying out the contents of any boxes or bags of flour, rice, etc. and keeping your foodstuffs in airtight containers instead to improve hygiene. Key concept: compartmentalise as much as possible!


2. Do the same when organising the space in your fridge:

These small storage containers are available from Ikea. (here


3. Create as many compartments as you can in your drawers. This will enable you to see and find what you need in an instant! (here)


4. Where gloves, sponges and washing up products are concerned, you should generally store these all together beneath the sink. Depending what products you have, either opt for transparent boxes so that you can easily see what's inside them, or store your various sprays and other cleaning products on a rack halfway up and keep everything else in small storage containers underneath:


5. When it comes to your spices and salt and pepper, you can use drawer organisers like this one: (here)

Or alternatively use something more original, like these clips you can order from Amazon: (here)


6. Where your pan lids and chopping boards are concerned, no need to rack your brains any more. Store them vertically using this storage box: (here)


7. I recommend using this adjustable storage rack from Amazon for your chopping boards: (here)


Or this one, which fits behind cupboard doors: (here)


8. This magnetic bar offers a novel way to store your knives:

And here's an idea that's so easy to make use of at home: (here)


9. No need to leave plastic bags lying around any more! Here's a well-thought-out idea you can use to stop them cluttering up your cupboards: (here)


10. And finally, a clever DIY approach: fit a document holder to the back of one of your cupboard doors and use it to store your aluminium foil, greaseproof paper, etc.



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