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1. General questions

Boxify is a storage service that uses technology to help you declutter your life. We deliver free boxes for you to pack your items you'd like to store. We pick up, store, and deliver your stuff back when you want so you never have to visit a storage unit again. Boxify, it's the self-storage without any need to move.

At our secure storage facility, we upload high-quality overhead photos of your boxes so you know what you have in Boxify at all times. This makes ordering your things back simple.

We are the easiest storage solution on the market. We provide a secure, all-inclusive service. With Boxify, you don't have to go anywhere. And because we only charge for the volume actually stored, our prices are tailored to your needs. Finally, as customer satisfaction is paramount, our helpdesk is open 6 days a week to answer your questions.

Our customers love us !

Try it and adopt it.

Everyone can use Boxify, both businesses and individuals.

The cartography of the geographical areas served by Boxify is on the main page of the website.

If your area is not yet served, contact us at +32 2 318 59 16 or send us a request [email protected] .

Here is the detailed list of municipalities served by our service:
Alsemberg, Anderlecht, Antwerpen, Asse, Auderghem, Beersel, Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Braine-l'alleud, Brucargo, Brussels, Buizingen, Cargovil, Corporate-village, Diegem, Dilbeek, Drogenbos, Dworp, Evere, Forest, Ganshoren, Gembloux, Grand-bigard, Grez-doiceau, Grimbergen, Haaltert, Halle, Haren, Hoeilaart, Huizingen, Etterbeek, Ittre, Ixelles, Jette, Jodoigne, Koekelberg, Kraainem, Laeken, Lessines, Leuven, Leuven-kessel-lo, Linkebeek, Lot, Machelen, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Neder-over-heembeek, Nivelles, Orp-Jauche, Ottignies, Overijse, Rhode-saint- Genese, Rixensart, Ruisbroek, Saint-Gilles, Saint-josse-ten-noode, Schaerbeek, Schepdaal, Sint-martens-lennik, Sint-stevens-woluwe, Sterrebeek, Tervuren, Tubize, Uccle, Vilvoorde, Waterloo, Watermael-Bosvoorde, Wavre, Wemmel, Wezembeek-oppem, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Zaventem.
You can start stocking your stuff either by estimating the volume of your goods or, if you know the volume, by clicking directly on the storage plan for you in the price page.
Our warehouses are located all over Belgium. You can see the radius in which they are at the bottom of the home page of our site. For insurance and security reasons, we do not give the exact location of our storage areas.

Unlike classic furniture in Boxify:

  • You only pay for the volume actually occupied by your belongings
  • Our help center is available 6 days a week
  • You have access to an online inventory and photos of your stored items
  • You have basic insurance
  • You do not have administrative fees
  • There is no notice of departure required
  • 2. Price

    With Boxify, you only pay for the volume actually occupied by your items. We collect your belongings from you for free (on the ground floor and below 3m3) and bring them to our secure warehouses. When you want to get your things back, we'll deliver them to you from 24,20€. The price is the same on weekends and weekdays, except public holidays and busy days. Prices vary according to the volume of your belongings, the delivery address and the anticipation of the demand. You can find this information on the price page.
    No, your first bill will be prorated for the days of the remaining month. For the rest of your bills, a month started is a due month.
    The prorata of the first month and the costs of the collection are billed instantly. The monthly storage plan will be billed every first day of each month. No proration will be made at the end of storage.
    Sign in to your Boxify account and go to my bills page.
    Talk about our service to your friends! When a sponsored friend stores with Boxify, you receive 25€ worth of Boxify credits. Log in to your Boxify account in the referral space and share your personal link.
    The cancellation or report of your appointment is free unless the delay between the notice and the appointment is too short. You will find more information below.
    Reschedule and Cancellation fees:

    3. Security

    The security of your belongings is our priority. Your boxes are sealed at home and stored in our highly secure storage areas: 24/24 and 7/7 surveillance, equipped with cameras, motion detectors, accessible exclusively by the Boxify team, night vision and alarms. All our storage areas are heated and ventilated to provide optimal storage conditions. At Boxify, nothing is stored less than 10cm from the ground. The security of your furniture also depends on the good preparation for storage, that is why we ask you to dismantle and protect your furniture for their transport and storage. This is your responsibility.
    In order to guarantee the safety of your belongings, our storage places are accessible exclusively by the Boxify team. We collect and deliver your belongings, so you never have to go to a storage area again. If you need to get your belongings back, log in to your Boxify account, and click on the items you want to get back.
    The basic insurance is a theft, fire and water damage cover of 150 €/m3. If your property has a higher value, we advise you to take one of the three supplementary insurance:
    • The Boxify Regular insurance at 15 €/month covers up to 200€/m3
    • The Boxify Medium insurance at 25 €/month covers up to 250€/m3
    • Finally, our premium insurance is calculated to measure to best meet your needs.
    After recovering your belongings, if you notice a damage, please contact us by email at [email protected] within 3 working days so that we can help you as soon as possible.

    Please take a look at our storage rules and General Terms of Service to make sure you meet the coverage requirements.

    4. Prepare my storage

    A Boxify box has a capacity of 63L, and its dimensions are 55cm long x 35cm wide x 33cm high. A simple box may contain for example 12 pairs of shoes, or 30 shirts and 10 sweaters. If you want to store heavier objects such as books, please disperse them in several boxes to avoid exceeding the maximum weight limit (20kg per box). If you exceed this limit, we will charge you an extra overweight.
    A Boxify wardrobe has a capacity of 250L, and its dimensions are 50cm long x 50cm wide x 100cm high. A wardrobe can hold 15 to 20 clothes hanged.
    Yes, we also store your own boxes in the storage areas. However, they must be strong enough to be transported. Please also make sure that you do not overload them (max 20kg) and make sure that you take extra care when packing your belongings. Your boxes must be perfectly sealed at the time of collection. Additional charges may apply for any boxes that are open, not strong enough or too heavy.

    As a reminder, all goods that fit into boxes must be either in your own boxes or in Boxify boxes. We do not accept open boxes, plastic bags or any other unsuitable packaging.
    Yes of course ! For example, we can store bikes, golf clubs, portable air conditioning, suitcases, skis, snowboards, cupboards and other larger items. Additional services are also available, such as handling assistance, several movers, a lift to take your business upstairs or a specific material for fragile goods.
    • Spread the weight, especially heavy objects (eg books), in different boxes to ensure that they are not subjected to too heavy loads, which will save you extra weight.
    • Group and pack together the items you want to recover at the same time.
    • Do not bend items such as t-shirts or towels, but roll them to maximize space and avoid wrinkling them
    • Small items such as socks can be placed in your shoes, sneakers, or boots to maximize the available space in the boxes. This technique will also allow them to keep their appearance.