The 10 mistakes to avoid when tidying and organising

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“Tidying is a way of taking stock that shows us what we really like.” Marie Kondo

Just begun tidying your house? What could be better than having a clean and organised home? You may well believe the methods you are using to tidy up and organise are the right ones. However, it's not always obvious which ideas and ways of going about this are the best! 

To help you, here's a list of the 10 mistakes you absolutely must avoid when tidying and organising!


1. “I'll tidy a bit today and do the rest tomorrow” 

This is the first mistake to avoid! According to Marie Kondo, once you begin tidying and organising a room you need to do it thoroughly and all in one go. There is nothing worse than putting it off until the following day: by then you may no longer have enough time or energy to carry on tidying and organising and you risk both ending up forgetting where you got to and letting things get untidy again in the interim.


2. “I'm going to tidy part of the bedroom or the kitchen! ”

NO! When you set about tackling a room in your house, be aware that the untidiness of your shelving unit has an influence on the untidiness of your bedside table or your walk-in closet. Every corner of a room needs to be tidied, sorted out and organised to ensure the whole room is completely tidy rather than just half done. So when tidying a room in your house, adopt a “section by section” approach.


3. “Excellent. I've moved all the jumble out of my bedroom …”

You've created some space in your bedroom? Brilliant. Well done. That's one of the first steps. However, simply moving the mess and chaos from one room to another is not much of an achievement! In fact it's actually one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Once you begin tidying and organising a room, ensure you sort and discard things and organise the room in such a way that not a SINGLE item ends up cluttering any other room.


4. “That might always come in useful! ”

This is what people afflicted with that strange obsession with never throwing anything away “just in case” typically say. The final effect? Your house will look more like an indoor flea market than a nice place to live. And no … you cannot sort through everything and skip the binning stage. You need to know how to rid yourself of things that serve no useful purpose. To help you do this, ask yourself the following question: When did I last use this item? Also think about selling or giving away any items that could still be useful or that others might be happy to have.


5. “Hmm … this dress does bring back some pretty special memories after all! ”

If you have items that are taking up room but which hold sentimental value for you, or you really want to keep them for some reason, you can simply opt for a simple and easy storage method!


6. “I'll clean later”

Very very bad idea! Tidying without cleaning is not tidying. The two tasks go hand in hand. Jumble and chaos attracts dust! After sorting through your things and belongings, it is imperative to properly clean everything before reorganising and tidying the part of the room you happen to be tackling.


7. “I'll just hide that here! ”

This is simply another form of “I'll move all this junk over there”. What's the point of playing hide-and-seek with things? It may give you the impression that the interior of your house is clean and tidy, but you'll just find the same jumble and chaos as before as soon as you open a drawer or a wardrobe. This will simply exacerbate the untidiness problem and make it even more difficult next time you try tidying and organising.


8. “I'll put everything in boxes and that will be that: task complete! ”

This isn't a bad idea … but remember to sort through your things before you begin tidying and organising them, or storing them away.


9.  Tidying without organising

Never begin tidying without doing at least a bit of organising. If you do, you'll quickly find yourself surrounded by a mountain of jumble and chaos and won't know where to begin! First decide which room you're going to tidy. Then choose the part of the room to tackle, and use different bags for different purposes: a “to bin” bag, a “store elsewhere” bag, a “to keep” bag, etc.


10. Tidying without a logical approach

A logical approach to tidying goes hand in hand with proper organisation. First, get things organised, then adopt a logical approach when tidying. For example, place items you use often within easy reach and arranged by category (everything related to hair care together, all the skincare creams together, summer clothes separate from winter clothes and sports clothes, pyjamas etc.). Try to arrange your things and belongings by theme as much as you possibly can!



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Ideas to take away

  • Be aware of the errors to avoid when tidying a room: get yourself organised, clean up, don't be afraid to throw things away, don't be too sentimental, tidy and organise things by category as much as possible, etc.

  • Tidying and organising is a beneficial thing to do; but don't forget to ensure your house interior remains a pleasant place to be and does not become impersonal as a consequence of eliminating disorder and untidiness!

Good luck, you can do it! ;) 












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