Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Unlimited capacity

Unlimited capacity

Optimal conservation

Optimal conservation

Collection and delivery

Collection and delivery

Trust the Boxify professionals


Boxify's storage spaces are highly secure and equipped with intrusion detection systems, fire detection, access control and surveillance cameras.

Environmental control

Our spaces have temperature and humidity measurement systems. Nothing is stored on the floor and an air circulation system guarantees optimal control.

Online inventory

With Boxify inventory, you always know what you're storing and can retrieve it with a click. Always keep control over what you store.

We help you set it all up

Analysis of your needs

Our professionals analyze your needs in order to offer you the appropriate solution.

Special archiving boxes

Boxify's archival boxes are made of hydrophobic material, lend themselves to multiple reuses and are extremely durable.

Indexing system with confidential codes

Boxify archive boxes are anonymous. They therefore do not contain any indication of company name or content. Your archives can only be identified using a unique code system that allows every manipulation to be tracked.

Storage, our passion

Boxify offers you a complete service so that you can focus on the essentials... your business.

Flexible solutions

At Boxify, we offer solutions tailored to your needs. Whatever the nature of your goods, we have suitable storage areas.

Professional collaborators

All Boxify employees have extensive experience and meet strict specifications. A system of monitoring and continuous training of our staff allows us to provide you with a high quality service.

Discretion assured

Only Boxify has access to storage areas. All movements are tracked by a tracking system and our facilities are monitored 24/7.

Logistic service

Boxify's logistics service delivers your archives and other goods to the place and time of your choice. We also provide an emergency service.

Developing your business

Our experts help you boost the efficiency of your business. Boxify offers an economic advantage to your company and working comfort for all your employees.

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