6 Projects to Take On Before Moving In a New Apartment


Moving into a new home may seem like a fun adventure, but rest assured that it can easily turn into a nightmare. There is a range of tasks you’ll need to handle: packing, planning, cleaning, rearranging, decorating, and moving.

You can take them on yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. Either way, there could be a lot of ground to cover before you can fully enjoy your new home. Here are some pre-move projects that will save you a great deal of time, money, and nerves.


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Home security is one of those issues that often fly under the radar. Keep in mind that there is no way to know just how many keys the old tenant shared and with whom. Taking the landlord’s word for it is not wise either. So, stay on the safe side and change the lock. To go an extra mile, install additional safety features to the exterior door or consider investing in a smart lock. Do this as soon as you move in and you will gain a much-needed peace of mind. 

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Cleaning is also a must. We are not talking about broom cleaning here and those half-measures that previous tenants undertook. Deep cleaning is a way to go. Basically, you need to scrub everything until you see the sparkles, especially places like bathroom and kitchen. Likewise, do not forget the refrigerator and give it a thorough disinfection treatment. However, replacing some elements, like toilet seats, is probably the smartest option. 

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Swapping and replacing

Moving always involves a process of introducing new elements and bidding farewell to the old ones. So, decide what has to go and what deserves to adorn or serve a functional purpose in your home. Put aside all the bells and whistles for a moment and focus on the crux of the matter. Feel free to invest in things you are going to use for a while and those that can save you money in the long run, such as quality Frigidaire appliances, smart thermostats, programmable lighting, etc.  

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Ramping up storage

Having plenty of storage space is the key to enjoying easy, hassle-free living. Therefore, assess your needs and how much stuff you will bring in. Do some measuring beforehand if you want custom-made and built-in solutions. To make the most of every inch available, use floor-to-ceiling storage shelves. Make good use of closet organizers. You might also be able to utilize your garage or basement as extra storage space. 

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Electrical upgrades

Check out whether you have all the outlets you need. Older and outdated homes can be a real challenge in this regard, but in any event, you should see if there are some mismatched outlets and damaged cover plates. In addition, figure out whether it makes sense to install new switches, lights, ceiling fans, etc. Ensure that you can use all the appliances you need. This will make moving less stressful, and your life in a new home a blast.

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Finally, you can start personalizing and beautifying your space. A fresh coat of paint is a simple, yet highly effective face-lifting project. Just weigh your options carefully here and bear in mind that it is much easier to paint an empty room. Also, note that the surfaces must be prepped before brushwork can commence. Also, neutral and light colors are the safest bet, but the choice depends on your décor pieces, furniture, and sense of style.

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A fresh start

You want your life in a new home to be off to a great start, don’t you? Well, to make it happen, you need to get your ducks in a row. Use fresh paint, smart storage, new locks, quality appliances, and other upgrades.

Grasp all the moving parts and dive in well-prepared. All of the projects are way easier to complete with flying colors if you know exactly what you are doing and are not in a rush.



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